We are now launching VAKE Organic Antifreeze in a ready-to-use version

The new premixed Antifreeze is as the original concentrated version, totally plant-based, and does not contain any petroleum-based or other chem-products.
When VAKE Organic Antifreeze has launched some years ago in Sweden it was only offered in concentrated versions. The demand for pre-mixed versions has lead to the launch of a premix version which is freeze proof down to -28ºC and expansion proof down to -70ºC. Right now we are launching the all-new ready-to-use version which is freeze proof down to -13ºC and expansion proof to -50ºC
Belship and Sail&Solar will launch the new VAKE Organic AntiFreeze in the Benelux during September.

VAKE Organic Antifreeze is also available in larger containers

VAKE is made from only biological material and the dye additive is also without chemicals. Unlike traditional petroleum-based products, VAKE does not damage gaskets but protects them. This means, for example, that you can finally protect toilets from frost quickly and easily.
Since there is no form of glycol in our antifreeze, corrosive acid cannot be formed either. In a glycol, inhibitors are added to stop the formation of acid, but when liquid gets old, the inhibitors are consumed. Most people know how bad the gaskets will be in a toilet if you pour glycol into it. Our antifreeze will never form any acid, on the contrary, it works lubricating and protective for gaskets and pumps.
Our antifreeze liquid has become very popular among industry professionals and it is used to advantage where liquid recovery is difficult. Drains, tanks, toilets, water-borne heating systems.
As the product is of food-grade origin, it is completely safe for humans, pets, and nature.